New indoor handles – with a focus on design

Beslagsboden has expanded the range of indoor handles with several new products. The indoor handle is the first thing we interact with when entering a room. The design and feel of a handle have a vital role in how we perceive the room we enter. When we decorate our homes, we want a room to harmonize. When we designed these indoor handles, we therefore prioritized the tactile feel. The feeling of that shape, surface, tactile feel, and pressure match and feels natural.


B877KN is designed by our in-house product designer Ola Giertz. The indoor handles characteristic angular square design is unique on the market. The design language of the handle is striking and peculiar, and Giertz let the shape stand in the spotlight and speak for itself.

“This is how a circle becomes a square, when the round shape turns into distinct lines.” – Ola Giertz, product designer.

Giertz describes that the meeting between the beginning and the end of the indoor handle is essential. It is the change and transition when the round soft meets the angular hard. With its stripped-down design language, this handle will without a doubt fit the homes of all design lovers.

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B876KN is based on a cone-shaped handle, with a sleek and seamless design language. Its sober and stylish expression means that the handle fits into any room and becomes a chameleon depending on which room it is placed. Design-wise the handle has a slim design and a feel of natural ease which fits perfectly in the hand.

B858KN/ B859KN

The B858KN / B859KN is designed so that the hand can comfortably grip the horizontal metal handle. The handle is upholstered in a brown and black leather wrap with contrast stitching. The decorative leather wrap is undeniably the hallmark of the handle and conveys a superiorly fine tactile feel and a pleasant grip. This exclusive interior detail will only become more beautiful the more it is used as the leather ages with dignity and matures in color every year.

B868XKN/ B868BKN

The model is built on a cylindrical shape though it is divided by straight lines and sharp ends. The handle has a tight design language and exudes a sense of retro. Functionalism is the great inspiration behind the handle, which is made clear by its pretentious and direct appearance. The model comes in two colors white and black.

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    November is here, and so is the fourth and final launch of the year for Beslagsboden. We welcome brand new products in the range. Among other things, Beslagsboden's first shower squeegee in unique material and design. Likewise, several exciting products are being launched in the range!
  • Outdoor handles in a modern take

    The design of the outdoor handles is already included in the range, but now an addition has been made to the immensely popular matte black finish. Handles B177BN and B154B are launched for Beslagsboden's range.
  • Decorative fittings, handles and knobs that lasts!

    Beslagsboden has updated the knob and drawer handle range with 5 knobs and 13 drawer handles. The knobs and drawer handles are designed to match each other, but still to complement the look of Beslagsboden's existing range of indoor handles. Matching knobs, drawer handles and indoor handles create a stylish completeness for the room and a well-thought-out and stylish impression.
  • Beslagsboden launches self-adhesive bathroom series

    Drilling holes in a bathroom wall is something many people are afraid of. At the same time, we want to be able to freshen up our bathrooms without having to renovate for that matter. In recent years, therefore, the demand for self-adhesive products in the bathroom has increased. Beslagsboden expands the self-adhesive range with 12 items in a new design.